INACTIVE - 3 - Financial Planning

Nice To Meet You.

Your Financial Plan is Your Roadmap.

We charge a minimum of $2,000 for a financial plan based on our evaluation of the complexity of your estate and your financial assets.

Financial Planning is an ongoing process that will reduce your stress about money, support your current needs and help you reach your long-term goals. Financial planning is important because it helps you to better understand risk management.

We are fiduciaries and always put your interest first when creating your Financial Plan.

Retirement Planning

Retirement is your New Beginning. Most of us will live for decades after retiring. The key to successful retirement is to treat it as the next stage of your life. However you might define that stage.

Sufficient funds to support your lifestyle is the foundation to this next stage of your life.

Women and Wealth

Hi. I'm Debbie Higgins, President and Founder of Higgins Capital. I bring a woman's perspective to helping you reach your goals.

Women face unique challenges. You are expected to do it all. This often means that your Financial Planning is continuously postponed.

I have a special page for you Ladies. Click Here to Learn More About Women and Wealth.

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