INACTIVE-1-We Quarterback Money

We Quarterback Money®

A Quaterback manages his team to move the ball down the field and achieve specific goals.

At Higgins Capital our fiduciary Financial Advisors find opportunity and manage risk.

Wealth management is the process of using financial planning and investment management to achieve your goals. Identifying objectives, determining risk comfort, establishing timeframes are inherent to that process. Our periodic reviews create feedback and keep you appraised of progress while allowing for changes in strategy. Our open architecture and access to numerous Wall Street banks and dealers allows us to provide you with the appropriate opportunities.

Higgins Capital is both a Broker Dealer and a Registered Investment Advisor. This means flexibility in providing financial services in a meaningful way. As a team, we work with you on your financial future with both offensive and defensive strategies to help you reach your financial goals.

We are an independent wealth management firm that provides you with objective advice. We design custom solutions to your unique situation. We bring more than 60 years of experience to managing your family wealth.

Our approach is to work with you in a comprehensive, proactive and responsive manner. We will simplify the complexities of affluence. 

Independent, Third-Party Custodian

We use RBC Capital Markets (RBC) as our independent, third-party custodian to hold clients' investments. RBC works to provide safekeeping of these investments along with a high level of customer service and reporting.

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