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Caring For Ageing Parents

Broken Family Relationships Are Normal. 

Times of family stress may bring them out.

Such as dealing with ageing parents.

Up-to-date wills, trusts, beneficiaries and advance medical directives help to create a framework for the entire family.

You may want to make a video when you update these documents.

The final days in a hospital or hospice can be especially trying.

While helping to guide clients through these trying times, I’ve seen families accept death as a part of life

... and I've seen families use the deathbed to reopen family conflict.

I’ve seen families disregard advance directives because someone was conflicted that turning off the machines was "killing Dad."

I've seen a son abandon their comatose mother in order to go snow skiing.

I've seen distant, out-of-touch relatives suddenly appear and try to change medical care.

I've seen hospitals with plenty of empty beds try to discharge comatose patients because of insurance reimbursement issues.

Have a plan.

Be Prepared.

Contact me for unbiased advice.


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