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"I made a lot of money ..."

George Soros made a billion dollars in one day shorting the pound. 

That's a lot of money.

A 25-year old oil trader made $36 million on a one day oil trade.

That's a lot of money.

If someone’s bragging about "making a lot of money" in the stock market, ask them this:

"Where's your Lamborghini and why aren't you living in Brentwood?

Making 10s of millions or billions is making a lot of money.

Trading 3 shares of IBM is not.

Beware investing as cocktail party chatter.

Beware Investing as entertainment. 

It's the new seduction for the "I made a lot of money crowd."

Good luck with your hard-earned capital if you're going down this road.

Unfortunately for you, the shark tank is waiting.

Don't impoverish your family.

Don’t crush your dreams.

Contact me for a custom financial plan and portfolio evaluation.

Financial discipline is key to investment success.

Bulls are disciplined. Bears are disciplined. Pigs are not.

Don't get slaughtered.

I'm here to help you simplify the complexities of wealth.

Let me hear from you.


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