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Heightened worry, Enrollment for healthcare and How to Improve Sleep

The Economy:  The U.S. stock market is selling off today after 3 straight up days.  Apple shares tumble (-6.7%) after revealing stagnant IPhone sales and a lower than expected holiday forecast.
New jobs continue to show labor market strength.  Both factory order and durable goods rose more than expected.  Earlier in the week, the home price index for August fell below 6% for the 1st time in 12 months.  This print was the 5th consecutive month of slowing and the softest since the December 2016 high of 13.7%. Mortgages are now clocking in at 5% or higher.  Yields continue to move higher. Mixed economic data and rising rates have heightened investors' wall of worry.

Food for Thought:  Be aware that November 1 started Open Enrollment for health insurance.  Check out the link to see what's changed for 2019.

Mixing Business with Pleasure: I've been blessed with the ability to fall asleep very quickly.  As I've stated before, if I'm not sitting straight up, I can easily fall asleep as I'm commenting, "I'm not tired."  For those of you that suffer staring at the ceiling, I saw where you can link a smart pillow, Dreampad to an app that will play a preloaded playlist only audible to you.  So, for all you insomniacs, check out The Dreampad Sleep and create your sounds and vibrations to slumber.