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Payrolls, IRS and Heatlh & Beauty Picks


The Economy: The ADP National Employment Report is released the Wednesday before the payroll report.  The ADP is a monthly economic data release on non-farm private employment in the U.S.  Today's data was lower than expected, signaling to the markets the labor market may be cooling as growth slows.  Friday we get the release of the nonfarm payrolls report (NFP) report which is a monthly employment report that represents the total number of paid U.S. workers.  It plunged last month so market participants will be watching this closely.  Due to its importance, the payrolls release moves the bond market, dollar and stock market.

Food for Thought:  Just a quick reminder as the tax deadline approaches, the IRS does not call.  If you get a call, simply hang up and if you've got time, report it. 

Mixing Business with Pleasure: Modern Luxury San Diego sent out its Health & Beauty It List by Ann Wycoff who with her call on the best of the best in San Diego.  Here are a few on the list (beauty ain't cheap): 1) Time Machine Procedure; 2) Cryo Shield Therapy and 3) Saffron & Sage.  I'll let you ladies read 'em and weep.