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Catalina Getaway

Catalina Island has a storied history and has been one of our favorite family getaways since the 1940s.


The Island lies about 20-miles off the LA coast and is accessible by both sea and air.


Most convenient are the boats that depart and return Dana Point and Long Beach several times a day. The trip takes about an hour.


The Island was purchased by Wrigley Gum Magnate William Wrigley in 1919. It was turned into a getaway with big game fishing and the construction of The Casino in 1929. The Casino was built as a dance hall and entertainment center. It has never been a gambling casino.


The main dance floor of The Casino is on the upper level and is still in use today. Event lighting is memorable and you can walk outside to enjoy the spectacular view of Avalon, the Harbor and other parts of The Island.


The only town on The Island is Avalon. It is located on the southeastern coast of The Island. It is the point of arrival and departure if you are taking a commercial boat. The population of the town is about 5,000 with tourism as the primary business. Avalon is the only place on The Island with hotel accommodations.


Accommodations are available for every budget. Reservations are a must so call ahead as far into the future as possible.


There is very limited camping in other spots.


The Wrigley family established the Catalina Island Conservancy in1972. The Conservancy has jurisdiction over most of The Island. As a result, access to much of The Island is restricted so plan ahead. The island has become increasingly popular for hiking and biking.


You can make Catalina a daytrip or a full-blown vacation. It’s a quaint Romantic Get Away. Try It.




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