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Be Inspired. Be Inspirational

There's a lot going on here so take a few moments to really look at this photo.

What Do You See?

Get Inspired by everything that you see. Then take that Inspiration with out out into your world.

First, you probably think, "Why is the photo blurred. The rain registers, but maybe it takes a moment to see the prosthetic.

Here's an All American Young Man showing Guts and Glory. Running in the pouring rain. One leg.

The buffed fellow beside the young man has let his own competition run ahead of him.

He's in a bigger race.

Service Before Self.

Holding hands letting the energy flow, "You are not alone."

Rain pouring down on a wind-swept road.

The young man a Proud Young American wearing his American Flag shorts with "USA" on his shirt.

"Do Your Best" ... He's living it.

Get Inspired; Be Inspiring.