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Is This A Bear? Or is it Another Critter?

Is This A Bear?

Or is it another critter?

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The stock market has been weak for more than 4-months.

Bear Markets typically last 18-24 months. 

So ask yourself, “How long before this pain is over?”

Another year? Another 2-years?

What happens to your net worth if this market lasts for several years?

Indexes are currently down from their highs as follows:

Philly Semiconductor Index (SOX) -27%
Russell 2000 -23%
Nasdaq -22%
S&P 500 -13%
Dow 30 -9%

The FANGS are down from their highs as follows:

NFLX -72%
GOOG -42%
FB -41%
AMZN -34%
AAPL -12

Don't lose your nest egg in this market.

Be nimble.

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