Company History

Debbie and Ray Higgins began working with institutions on their fixed income portfolios at Merrill Lynch in 1984. Their institutional clients included cities, counties, special districts, banks and corporations. In 1989 they founded the Merrill Lynch San Diego Institutional Group. The mission of the group was to provide exceptional pricing and service to middle market clients. In 1992 their team moved to Lehman Brothers in La Jolla, California. At Lehman Brothers the Higgins' established the Lehman Brothers Regional Institutional Group.

Higgins Capital was founded in 1995 as an institutional financial services firm. The firm has an experienced trading desk specializing in institutional fixed income execution. The trading desk has combined experience of over 60 years in providing advice and investments.

The Higgins' realized that their institutional expertise and professionalism were needed by wealthy clients seeking growth, preservation of capital, and income at a reasonable price. They began to provide wealth management services to high net worth families. Higgins Capital is committed to understanding client needs and challenges. We provide high quality innovative solutions to wealth management issues. We offer strategic consulting services to individuals, entrepreneurs, and businesses in a broad range of industries. Debbie is dedicated to providing women with the tools they need to build a sound financial plan. She is committed to educating women on money and wealth.

Higgins Capital is a member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and is regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).