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ChatGPT - An Opinion

I discovered ChatGPT 2-weeks after it launched. 

This is my second opinion piece on the technology.

1. It’s vast improvement over existing search engines. Queries return a direct answer. Not a list of websites that you have to read through.

2. It’s the shiny new thing and the Talking Heads are confident that it is going to usher in a new era for the planet. Remember that when the internet burst on the scene in 1995, fanboys were convinced that it would introduce eternal peace and prosperity.  … don’t get ahead of yourself.

3. It’s biased. It’s another Big Tech platform. Opinion based questions will return answers that are not objective. Questions about facts are better. STEM related questions are best.

4. Facts are only as good as the narrative. You can argue with the platform and get it to admit it’s wrong  …  if you have the facts to refute its biases. But if you have to drill down that far, you already know the truth and don’t need the platform in the first place,

5. Disclaimers. With a revision of Section 230 headed to Congress and probably to SCOTUS any health or investment related answers (to name a few) are plain-vanilla generic; followed by a disclaimer to seek professional advice.

6. It is error prone. It’s a learning technology that’s getting better with time. I tried some “how to” questions for different software applications. The answers were wrong 50% of the time.

Overall, I’d give it a thumbs up. As I said, it’s a huge improvement over existing search engines and will redefine how we get information online.

Ray Higgins
San Diego

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