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FOMC Minutes, Transitioning Mindset and Wood & Spoon Recipes

The Economy:  Today's focus was on the FOMC release of the minutes from the September 25-26 Fed Policy meeting.  Some of the highlights of the release are:  1) the FOMC sees the risks to the U.S. economy as roughly balanced; 2) Inflation thoughts were mixed with some officials saying that inflation is still too low while others are saying they expect inflation to slightly exceed the 2% target; 3) the Fed is OK with its current balance sheet normalization process; and 4) the Fed feels the economy is on track and gradual rate hikes are still appropriate at this time.

Food for Thought: The word Transition comes from the Latin word Transire, which means to “cross".  When you are transitioning in your life from joyous events such as marriage, children, the ultimate job to unhappy events such as death and divorce, you need to look to your support system and make the transition as smooth as possible.  From a financial perspective, make sure that your financial assets are a part of your plan and are not left behind or as I like to say, "left on the back burner."  We can help, whether it's reviewing your budget and determining how and if you can financially make that leap, give us a call.

Mixing Business with Pleasure: The October issue of Southern Living magazine featured an article on Katie Wood and her focus on baking.  It featured a couple of desserts that felt very fall to me, pumpkin-cheesecake tarts and chocolate-pecan pie reinvented as a gooey bar.  You can find the recipes and many more on her website, Wood & Spoon.