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Fed Hikes, Facing Taxes and Snow Flurries


The Economy: The Fed raised interest rates by 0.25 percent to a new range of 2.25%-2.50%.  The Fed stated it expects only 2 more rate hikes in 2019 vs. 3, siting weakening economic growth.  This was the 4th rate hike this year.  U.S. stocks reversed a rally and tanked on fear the Fed will not be as accommodating as expected.

Food for Thought:  I realize this is not the time of year you want to think about tax planning, but it's not a bad idea to glance over and see the numbers you'll be dealing with for 2018.  Check out this Income Tax Key Numbers piece to view the numbers for 2018 and then what you'll face in 2019.

Mixing Business with Pleasure:   Ray and I went to Flower Hill Mall in Del Mar on Saturday. The shopping was made easier by the valet ($3.00).  The center was filled with great music and children's laughter as the mall imported snow for its Alpine Village.  Between the shops, there were various selfie stations that were being enjoyed by all.  Check to see if there's something you can't miss at their Winter Wonderland.  I enjoyed my stroll through Between The Sheets hoping Ray was making a list.