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Higgins Capital Management, Inc.

Employment, Fraud, and Frocks

The Economy: US Stocks are lower.  Today's employment report number surprised market participants.  The employment report is released the first Friday of each month, giving market participants an idea of the current health of the economy.  Only 20,000 new jobs were added in February vs. expectations of 180k.  This was a real disappointment.  It reveals slower growth in nonfarm payroll, but we'll need to wait another month to determine how much slower if at all.

Food for Thought: According to the Federal Trade Commission, the top frauds of 2018 were: 1) imposter scams; 2) debt collection; and 3) identify theft.  I find that text message alerts on my phone are difficult to discern whether real or fake.  I don't "click" on anything. When possible, I'll go to the website and check my alerts there...defeating the purpose in the 1st place.

Mixing Business with Pleasure:  Next Tuesday, March 12th, there's a fashion show luncheon presented by the Sheridan Boutique at Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa.  Tamara, remember us sneaking around buying the 50 d' Uno necklace for Kim?  If you can get away, it's a fun event.