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Higgins Capital Management, Inc.

Rallies, Resources and Retail

The Economy: The U.S. stock markets hit record highs on Tuesday as equity investors see a better economic outlook than earlier in the year.  The bond market rallied.  Bond investors see the continued low inflation as the catalyst for the Fed to cut interest rates.  We remain cautious as investors flock to stocks and bonds when they historically move in opposite directions.  

Food For Thought: Just a quick reminder of the Resources available to you on our website.  Check out what's available on estate planning, tax planning and cash management.

Mixing Business with Pleasure: The best times to buy in stores are April, November, and January as many stores offer average discounts of 25-30%.  Beauty deals are at their best on Thursdays and Fridays (March 2019 Real Simple).  You've got 1 week to take advantage.  Get shopping...