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Tariffs, Talking Retirment, and Taking on tarnished Flatware

The Economy: Market participants are dealing with the uncertainty of a trade war between the US and China.  According to the White House, last week they were very close to a deal when China backed out on agreed upon terms.  The US hit back with an extra 25% tariff on $200 billion of Chinese goods on Friday.  The US stock markets tanked.   Monday saw China announce higher tariffs on $60 billion of American Goods, targeting the biggest US exporters.  Let the trade games begin.

Food For Thought: Many folks realize that they can no longer rely on their 401ks and social security for their retirement income alone.  Add to that many can expect to live 20-30 years after retirement.  You need to consider options to maintain a lifetime of income.  We are in a very low interest rate environment that looks to be around for quite some time.  Keep in mind a fixed income annuity may be a way to diversity a traditional fixed income corporate bond portfolio or municipal bond portfolio. Give me a call to discuss the pros and cons.

Mixing Business with Pleasure:  If like me, you want your flatware free of rust blemishes and water spots, here's a quick solution*:

1) fill a mixing bowl with a teaspoon of baking soda

2) drop in your flatware

3) cover the bowl with aluminum foil for ~2 minutes

4) remove and dry

*I read about this kitchen hack in the April 2019 Real Simple magazine, courtesy of Rael Petit, Beverage Director at the Williamsburg Hotel in Brooklyn NY.

- Deb