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Fear and Loathing In San Diego

I'm Gonna Make You An Offer You Can't Refuse!
Fear and Greed drive financial markets. Always have, always will.
Many of you have been receiving my Higgins Capital weekly “More Money Market Report” email. As a reader you’ve become familiar with my updates on market action and economic analysis.
I’m not giving you a market call on how this is going to play out; or when.
I will say that if you are within 10-years of retirement, you should be increasingly cautious with your exposure to market risk.
The simple question you should ask yourself is this: “How many years will it take me to recover from a market loss?”
Market speculation is rampant at a time of historic uncertainty. Unprecedented uncertainty with unprecedented investor complacency.
A Witches Brew.
The challenge investors face is that this could go on for awhile.
If your financial situation requires you to continue dancing, we recommend that you dance closer to the fire exit.
Contact us for a strategy review. … It’s an offer you can’t refuse.


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