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NOOD Regatta

The San Diego NOOD Race was held this past weekend. Our congratulations to The Winners and all  competitors!

The NOOD Regatta (National Offshore One-Design), is a sailboat racing circuit held in 9 cities throughout the U.S. It takes place in San Diego, Annapolis, St. Petersburg, Detroit, Chicago, Seattle, Marblehead, Larchmont, and Houston.

In One-Design racing, sailboats compete against other boats in identical boats, so the first boat over the finish line wins.

Since the boats are equal, it is the skill of the sailors on each boat that determines who wins the regatta.

Our family sees itself as water people. Debbie and I grew up swimming in the ocean and water skiing on lakes and rivers. I’ve sailed and surfed since I was a boy.  Our daughter Kimberly was in the ocean at 3-weeks and grew up at the San Diego Yacht Club. She’s now a Flag Member in her own right. Paddleboarding is our latest family passion.