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Higgins Capital Management, Inc.

We are 26-Years Old Today. Celebrate With Us!!

Debbie and I founded Higgins Capital 26-years ago today. April 15, 1995. Take a moment and enjoy a quick retrospective of 1995.

The biggest event of 1995 was the internet coming of age. It was overlooked at the time. Introduction of the Netscape Navigator Browser opened the World Wide Web to consumers for the first time. Amazon was one of the first companies to begin selling one the web. Books only nothing else.

Democrat Bill Clinton is President. For the first time since 1933, Republicans control both the House and Senate. Political gridlock is the order of the day.

The Dow Jones closes the year at 5,117. It is now at 34,000.

Tom Hank’s Forrest Gump wins the Academy Award.

OJ Simpson’s trial ends with a Not Guilty Verdict.

Nation of Islam’s Million Man March is held in Washington DC.

Oklahoma City terrorist bombing occurs.

Jerry Garcia, Rose Kennedy, Mickey Mantle, Dean Martin, Ginger Rogers pass.

Steve Job’s Pixar Studio releases the revolutionary animation “Toy Story”.

Orange County, CA bankruptcy is the largest municipal bankruptcy in history.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame opens in Cleveland.

Space Shuttle and Russian Mir Space Station dock for the first time

Superbowl: San Francisco beats San Diego

US Rescues Mexico's Economy with a $20 Billion aid program

Yahoo Is Incorporated

Mark Zuckerberg is 11-years old.

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