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Celebrate Earth Day

Today We Celebrate the 52nd Anniversary of Earth Day. It was first celebrated in 1970 as the formal commitment of the United States to improving the environment and creating a sustainable future for all Americans.

52-Years of Environmental Improvement.

As Americans Let Us Celebrate The Great Work We Have Already Accomplished.

Celebrate our improved waterways.
Celebrate our improved air quality.
Celebrate our improved remediation.
Celebrate our improved sustainability.

Let Us Celebrate Our Great American Culture of Progress on Environmental Issues.

Our national commitment to sustainability continues to grow. Let us celebrate as Americans.

There is more work to be done. There is more to accomplish. Celebrate our vision.

Let's keep our perspective. America is the 3rd most populous country with 331 million people behind China and India.

We are also the 3rd largest country by land area. Again, behind China and India.

Moving the environmental needle is more challenging than it is to smaller countries such as Denmark. Let us compare apples to apples.

Let us celebrate that in many ways, we Americans set the standard and are far ahead of many other nations.

Let Us Celebrate That Across The American Culture We Are United Together In This Great Quest.

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