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Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Read and Share This Uplifting Story about our Great American Traditions of Helping our Neighbors.

Warwick's Bookstore, on Girard in La Jolla, calls itself the Oldest Bookstore in America continuously owned by the same family.

The bookstore was recently saved from an uncertain future by La Jolla residents who appreciated what the store brings to the community.

The story is that their building was recently up for sale with a cash deal pending. The owners gave Warwick's the chance to respond with a counter-offer. The word went out to the Community. About 3-dozen community members pooled their resources and bought the building.

Then they gave Warwick's a 10-year lease with two 5-year renewal options. A total of 20 more years to continue the family business in La Jolla.

This type of community support is happening all across America. Neighbors Helping Neighbors. The American Spirit.

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