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This is National Etiquette Week. Celebrate and Change The World!

Help Change The World With Two Words At A Time.

Thank You, You’re Welcome, Yes Ma’am. Yes Sir. This is National Etiquette Week.

Etiquette: The framework for good manners.

Manners: The way to reinforce cultural good and positive energy.

It works and is always noted and appreciated.

Try it: Thank You! You're Welcome! Yes Ma'am! Yes Sir! Hold a door for someone. Stop and let someone who is slower move ahead of you.

Let's take back Our Graciousness.

Americans are known throughout the world for our friendliness and our smiles.

Pay It Forward.

National Etiquette Week was founded by Sandra Morisset in 1997 to celebrate the value of good manners.

Let's celebrate our Great National Character with grace and elan.

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