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Today is VJ Day, Victory Over Japan, September 02, 1945

Today is VJ Day

Victory Over Japan on September 2, 1945.

My father, on the right, is shown here in the 1945 ruins of Tokyo.

A Conquering Hero.

They started it. We finished it.

As We Always Do.

History doesn’t repeat; but it rhymes.

Japan, Germany, Vietnam, Afghanistan.

The Japanese quickly went from enemy to ally. A powerful ally for 76 years and counting.

Likewise Germany.

Bombed into the stone age as an enemy. Quicky became an ally. For 76 years and counting.

Likewise Vietnam.

From enemy to valued trading partner. Vietnam used abandoned US military hardware to defeat the Chinese Communists in 1979.

The past cannot be changed.

Live for today. Look to tomorrow.


History may be about to rhyme again.

Afghanistan is known as “The Graveyard of Empires.” Persians, Greeks, Romans, British and Russian, to name a few.

Honor Our Fallen. Never Forget.

But Give Peace a Chance.

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