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Celebrate Veterans Day

November 11th is celebrated worldwide as the day The Armistice was signed that ended hostilities of World War 1. “The eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month … 1918.”

In the US the 11th of November was originally celebrated as “Armistice Day”.

WWI, called The Great War was known as “The War to End All Wars.”

In 1954 Armistice Day was renamed Veterans Day to honor all US veterans.

Richard “Ike” Mutispaugh was Debbie’s Father. He was born and raised in Lexington, Virginia.

He had grown up with VMI. Washington, Jackson, Lee and Patton.

The Great American Warrior Tradition of The South.

Ike was under age when he joined the Army to fight in WWII.

Ike served in WWII, Korea and Vietnam. He passed in 1968 shortly after the Tet Offensive.

He left behind a young, 35-year old wife and their three young children.

Celebrate our Great American Veterans.

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