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Go Navy Beat Army!

This week has been about celebrating our Marines and Veterans.

Our Uniformed Services foster esprit de corps with interservice rivalries.

That rivalry started with Army and Navy in 1775.

The Army was established in 1775; 120 days before the Navy. June 1775 vs October 1775.

Army is the Senior Service by 120 days ... but who's counting?

Go Navy Beat Army!

This leads us to the greatest annual sporting event in the history of humanity.

The annual Army Navy Football Game.

Hence, Go Navy Beat Army, for those of us blessed with Navy DNA.

The Game was first played in 1890.

Navy had played football since 1879. Army was new to the sport in 1890.

Navy won 24-0 and the rest is history.

The Game is December 11, 2021.

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