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Pull Back, Correction, Bear, Crash?

It depends on where you bought (your cost basis).

Markets continue to sell off … and we haven’t seen the dip-buyers yet.

A Pull Back is when markets are down 5%; a Correction down 10%;  a Bear 20%.

A Crash is a matter of how quickly the carnage occurs.

Here is a sample of carnage that has occurred in the past few months:

Peloton [PTON]             -82%
Zillow [ZG]                     -75%
Zoom Video [ZM]          -73%
Beyond Meat [BYND]    -67%
DoorDash [DASH]         -50%
Coinbase [COIN]          -48%
Netflix [NFLX]               -45%
Uber [UBER]                -40%
Airbnb [ABNB]             -28%

As I write this, here are the major indices from their highs:

S&P 500:     -8%
NASDAQ:  -14%
Dow:           -7%

Do you have an exit strategy?

Let us hear from you. (The photo is of a flawlessly executed spinnaker take-down; not a disaster)

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